Wet/Dry Portable Vacuums
If your looking for a vacuum with incredible performance, and is built to last, you've come to the right place. The "Big Mother" line of portable vacuums are second to none. Available with a portable 18 gallon poly tank, or with a drum adapter to mount on a 55 gallon drum. Take a look!
Wall-Mount Vacuums / Central Vacuums
The Wall-Mount PowerVac provides extraordinary vacuum performance in a compact package. Ideal for commercial installations where space is limited, or use it in your garage, your shop, or as a whole house central vacuum. This unit is built of heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel, and will provide you with years of service.
Car Wash Vacuums and Equipment
Doyle manufactures a comprehensive line of equipment for the car wash, service station, and fleet maintenance industries. Whether you need vacuum, air, fragrance, or shampoo services, we've got the best machines money can buy. Also, look at our new push-button controlled meter boxes for your self-serve wash bays.
Product News
Doyle has recently developed a push-button controlled, variable price and time, bay control meter box for your self service bays. Twelve programmable functions, plus Stop. Featuring ring illuminated LED push-buttons, these meter boxes provide all of the functional performance you want and need.
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All Equipment Made in the United States of America