Wet/Dry Portable Vacuums

Model 7100-HP-240 (Single Motor)
Why Doyle?
Doyle's wet/dry vacuums are built to outlast and outperform most machines available on the market.

These machines are ideal for customers who use their vacuums alot. If you're buying cheaper machines, wearing them out, and throwing them away - try a Doyle, it's built to last over the long haul. Now that's being Green!

Increase your reach with a Doyle - your Doyle has the power to mainatin suction through a longer hose. With a 25 ft. long powercord, and an optional 50 ft. long hose, you have a 75 ft. reach without having to find another electrical outlet - Try that with a lesser Vacuum!
Model 7100-HP-120 (Single Motor)
Model 7200-STD-120 (Dual Motor)
Model 7200-HP-240 (Dual Motor)
Model 7200-HP-120 (Dual Motor)
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