3 Chamber Air-N-Vac

Thanks for your interest in this Doyle Vacuum product. Products are not available for purchase online. Please call us at 616-554-9555 to learn more or to purchase.

Coin-Operated or Free-Use Configurations Available.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Polyethylene Domes (Blue/Green/Red/Yellow/White)
  • 3-Chamber vacuum tank with separate dirt intake and collection chambers
  • Two pleated cartridge filters provide 16 ft2 of filter surface area - with expanded-PTFE surface membrane, filters are 99.7% efficient at 0.3 microns
  • Large meter box, with internal frame for higher strength and security, will accommodate the packaging of various electronic options and/or allow future upgrades
  • Meter panel door attached with piano hinge on one side and two heavy-duty Medeco cam locks (and extra lock tab) to protect your money and high-end electronics
  • 5-Gallon bucket for dirt compartment
  • 24-Volt control circuits
  • Mechanical coin acceptor (Coin-Operated Models)
  • Oil-less air compressor; available in 120 Volt or 240 Volt (single-phase).
  • 25’ Steel braided air supply hose
  • Integral air trigger with pressure gauge
  • 1.5” or 2.0” x 15’ Crushable hose with duckfoot tool
  • Fuse protected

Motor Options:

  • (2) Standard Motors                           120 Volts / 16 Amps
  • (2) High-Performance Motors          120 Volts / 24 Amps
  • (2) High-Performance Motors           240 Volts / 13 Amps

Other Options:

  • Electronic Coin Acceptors
  • Dual-Coin Acceptors and Timers
  • Bill Acceptors
  • Credit Card Acceptors
  • Display Timers
  • Stainless Dome
  • Coin Counter
  • Last Coin Alert Horn
  • Lock Shroud for Dirt Doors

Download printable Spec Sheet here.

Dimensions:    26.0” Wide x 26.0” Deep x 53.0” Tall
Weight:             Approximately 175 lbs.