Vacuum Arches

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Dual-Vacuum Arch with Two Doyle Arch-Mount PowerVacs and Optional Meter Box


The Doyle Vacuum Arches are designed to accommodate either an individual vacuum, or can be used with a central vacuum system.

While these arches may be used with any vacuum, they have been designed to incorporate the Doyle Arch-Mount PowerVac as an individual vacuum for each arch pipe. With a dedicated vacuum for each pipe, overall performance of the system is maximized, providing superior performance when compared to any “shared” central vacuum system.

The Doyle Vacuum Arch system (with the Doyle Arch-Mount PowerVac) is a great alternative to the costly, cumbersome installation of a complete central vacuum system.


  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Single or dual arch pipes. All support columns are built to accept either a single arch pipe, or two arch pipes.
  • Arch pipes are 2.0” O.D. stainless steel.
  • Trash container designed to fit small trash cans.
  • Tool holders accommodate either a crevice tool or an upholstery tool.
  • Accommodates either 1.5” x 15’ or 2.0” x 15’ hose.
  • No connections or reductions that create a choke point (clog point) in the air flow.
  • Can be set up with “Free-Use” vacuums, or a meter box can be added to operate vacuums using coins, bills, credit cards.
  • Easy to assemble and install.

Download printable Spec Sheet here.